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Our Story

The story of the Lubbock Dream Center began with a vision birthed from the hearts of Jackie and Linda White, pastors of Church on the Rock. Their vision was to invest in the lives of disadvantaged and overlooked families in the Lubbock community. This dream began to take shape with a group of volunteers that came together every Saturday to walk the streets simply picking up trash and loving on people they encountered.

It became evident that supplemental food was a great need. A food truck was graciously donated, food gathered throughout the week, and then distributed every Saturday through a mobile food pantry. Pastor Jackie and Linda’s dream quickly spread to the entire community including churches, non-profit organizations, and businesses, bringing a sense of unity to the heart of Lubbock. As relationships began to develop within the community, trust grew too. Land in the vicinity was purchased and construction began. On April 17, 2010, the Lubbock Dream Center building was complete and immediately at full capacity!

In 2013 the LDC was awarded a generous grant of $1.75 million through the JT and Margaret Talkington Foundation to build a multipurpose building, the Talkington Life Center. With the opening of the Talkington Life Center in April of 2015, the LDC grew from serving 750 people each week to serving 1600 people each week!

The Talkington Foundation has made it possible to provide the basic needs of food and clothing to numerous families in Lubbock each week. The Talkington Life Center is also used to give over 300 young ladies prom dresses, supply over 500 families with Thanksgiving meals, provide after-school and summer activities to numerous children, and so much more. Because of the Talkington legacy, the LDC has become a beacon of hope in the darkness of poverty that surrounds so many families in the Lubbock community.

The LDC consistently offers over 35 programs that help improve health status, quality of life, economic increase, community improvements, and personal growth. However, one enormous unmet need in our city that continues to present itself is the lack of designated housing that provides a structured program for women in crisis. This need directed the next step for the LDC – the New Legacy Home for Women. The Talkington Foundation gave another generous grant of $1.5 million to build a home for women desiring a second chance. This type of specific housing will be the catalyst that will enable women in crisis to get on a productive path and permanently change the legacy they leave for their children.

The New Legacy Home opened in the fall of 2018. This home has 24 beds and is a safe, free-of-charge, non-government funded, faith-based discipleship program. It exists to help women that clearly have a strong desire to change their lives and are willing to commit fifteen months of working towards that goal. The purpose of the New Legacy home is to help women write a new life story, leaving a new legacy that empowers them and future generations to serve in the Lubbock community as productive citizens. The JT and Margaret Talkington Foundation has left a legacy in Lubbock Texas that will resonate for many generations to come.

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