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Meals on Wheels

Lubbock Meals on Wheels works year-round to help people remain at home, well fed, and independent.  This year, Lubbock Meals on Wheels expects to prepare and deliver holiday meals to over 700 people in the Lubbock community.  Deliveries are really so much more than a meal.  For some people, a friendly volunteer is the only person that they may see during the day.  Lubbock Meals on Wheels follow up on the well-being of everyone that is not home to receive our delivery, daily.

In addition to a hot meal and a warm visit, Lubbock Meals on Wheels also delivers newspapers, pet food, fresh flowers on Fridays, a cake and card on birthdays, magazines and books, weekend meal sacks, emergency meals, and fresh fruit on holidays.

We furnish weekend meal assistance for MOW clients. Donations of single-serve items (see list) are accepted Monday – Wednesday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Donation Wish List

Non-perishable, individually packaged food items for Weekend Meal Program

  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Cream of Wheat
  • Small boxes of cereal
  • Pudding
  • Soup-individual size
  • Tuna
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Cheese or Peanut Butter Crackers
  • Granola Bars
  • Cookies
  • Snack Cakes
  • Tea, Coffee, Cocoa
  • Jell-O cups
  • Single serve Pkgs of Pretzels
  • Ensure or Boost
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Cheese crackers
  • Peanut butter to go

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